About Us

Yaoyuan Vision: To be a first-class enterprise providing high-quality products and services

To provide customers with excellent quality products and services, to provide employees with a platform for life development, to create value for shareholders and partners, and to shoulder due responsibilities for the society is the common aspiration of Yaoyuan.


Yaoyuan's mission: to keep moving

We are always committed to customer satisfaction, employee follow-up, shareholder recognition, partner trust, and social appreciation, and we are always creating moving scenes and beautiful lives.


Yaoyuan spirit: Chongde, sincerity, intention

Advocating excellent morals and conduct is the foundation of Yaoyuan;

Being sincere to others with gratitude is the way to get along with Yao Yuan;

Working with passion and dedication is Yao's standard of work.


Yaoyuan values: customer first, sincere cooperation, pursuit of excellence, innovation and development

Treat customers as the source of life, respond to customers' voices at a rapid speed, and meet the reasonable needs of customers with a maximum limit; treat cooperation as a source of strength, develop individual potential by excellent means, and integrate with high-quality solutions Thought and wisdom of all parties; regard excellence as the source of value, strive for excellence with unremitting efforts, and ensure the excellence of products with perfect processes; regard innovation as the source of development, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises with innovation, Promote the sustainable and stable development of enterprises with innovation.