China Borosilicate Glass Tube (Bottle) Production Project


Compared with common glass, borosilicate glass has no t […]

Compared with common glass, borosilicate glass has no toxic and side effects. Its mechanical properties, thermal stability, water resistance, alkali resistance, and acid resistance are greatly improved. It can be widely used in chemical, aerospace, military, family, hospital and other fields , Can be made into lamps, tableware, dials, telescope lenses, washing machine observation holes, microwave oven trays, solar water heaters and other products, with good promotion value and social benefits, the appearance of this kind of glass in China is another time for the basic materials industry New revolution.

In recent years, with the improvement of science and technology and the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, many new products and technologies have emerged in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Medicinal glass is mainly used for packaging of injections and other products. Its chemical stability directly affects the quality of drugs. Medical glass is divided into high borosilicate glass, neutral borosilicate glass, low borosilicate glass, soda-lime glass according to chemical composition and product performance. Among them, neutral borosilicate glass has become the "glass packaging material for injections" due to its excellent characteristics. New darling. "

Low borosilicate glass packaging products are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, and the production process of low borosilicate glass is simpler, the price is cheaper, and the technical requirements are simpler. Therefore, the development of low borosilicate glass is more prominent. Applications in the pharmaceutical industry dominate the market.

Neutral borosilicate glass has obvious advantages compared with the glass materials commonly used by domestic injection companies at present: First, it has a small expansion coefficient, strong resistance to extreme cold and extreme heat, and is more suitable for freeze-dried products. Second, it is not easy to burst during processing. , High mechanical strength, strong impact resistance; third, good chemical stability, high resistance to acid, alkali and water, can ensure the validity of the drug, especially water injection preparations, reduce and avoid the occurrence of white spots, peeling and visible foreign matter.

China borosilicate glass has strong water resistance and chemical stability. As a pharmaceutical packaging material, China borosilicate glass has more advantages. The National Development and Reform Commission has clearly defined the first-level water-resistant borosilicate glass tube in the latest edition of the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog". Listed as an investment project to encourage development.

Internationally, pharmaceutical injection packaging uses low-neutral, neutral borosilicate glass as raw materials for cartridges, vials, ampoules and pre-filled bottles. Domestic products with low and neutral borosilicate glass as packaging are mainly divided into lyophilized medicines, water injection medicines, biological medicines and other high-end medicines or medicines exported to developed countries. On the one hand, most of the neutral borosilicate glass tubes required in China rely on imports, with annual imports of about 3,000 tons, and are often subject to foreign companies' monopoly in prices and instability in the supply period. Imported bottles, vials, ampoules, test tubes, etc. are imported more than 200 million pieces per year, which is equivalent to 2,000 tons of glass tube demand. On the other hand, in the National Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2011), first-class water-resistant borosilicate drugs Use glass tube as a policy encouragement item. Therefore, the development and application of neutral glass is a trend of upgrading and diversifying the production of pharmaceuticals, and it is gradually becoming high-grade and diversified.